Where to start to choose football boots

So what are you looking for?

No matter what level of participation you have in football, you are involved in one of,if not the most popular sports in the world


From a kick about in the garden, to a seasoned professional playing in a World cup Final the most important part of equipment, except the ball, is a pair of football boots, or soccer shoes or cleats, if you are in the United States.

Choosing a well fitted, comfortable, long wearing pair may seem easy….but when you start to break it down to what brand? what colour? how much do I spend? studs,cleats or moulded?…….Just a few of the considerations, but there will be more……..

What style of play can effect your choice, and what position you play too.

On here we will concentrate on boots for men, women, boy’s and girls, but there will be accessories and a selected choice of other sporting equipment including goalkeeper’s accessories, boot bags and a few other items. These items will be selected and you will be able view and click on the links to access more detailed information.

Of course there will always be a personal choice of brand…Nike, Adidas, Puma….and I hope here you will find some advice to take away with you to find what you will need to play, and continue to play the beautiful game!

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    • Hi MiroM,thanks for the comment…..thats what I really wanted to get across as there are so many points to consider….but didn’t want to sound nerdy! Thanks again and hope to see you on here again soon.

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