Welcome to FootballBootsOnline.com and thank you for visiting this website

If I can just take the time to introduce myself and what this site is all about.

Me,Myself and I

My name is Nigel, and just a regular guy who has experienced playing sport regularly since a young age, with football being my main stay for a number of years, but also involved in Rugby,Cricket,Judo and Shotokan Karate.
Playing football at a good amateur level within several local teams enabled me to appreciate the meaning of keeping fit, enjoying socialising with team mates, and the achievement of winning trophies as a team and what that means to everyone involved after the hard work of training , playing and (of course) the injuries that may occur…!

I have a lovely fiancee and a wonderful 11 year old son, and a ditsy Dalmatian dog named Millie and have lived in Buckinghamshire for approx 30 years.
I am like most other men and love to watch sport on a regular basis (to the frustration of someone close!) but also enjoy family activities such as cinema, theatre, meals out, walking, and family get togethers.

What i wanted to achieve is to bring a site where the customer can have a selection of Football boots, Soccer shoes and accessories under one roof. Also the aim is to provide a good selection, as I am fully aware that there can be a lot to consider such as comfort,brand,style,colour and aesthetics to name just a few of the considerations buyers may look for.

This is a new site and I hope the experience will keep you coming back when you see what is on offer, and new products will be added on a regular basis.
However I am always open to any suggestions from people who visit the site in order to improve where i can to bring you what you are looking for.

Once again thank you for visiting the site and wishing you all the best



  1. Very well done site Nigel. Had to check and see what football boots were. Not a common term on this side of the pond. The best to you and your family with the new business. You have good expertise on the subject.

    • Thanks Doug…Really great that you have seen what is on offer. Realise you may use Soccer Cleats instead, so will incorporate that term more…Thanks again, all the best.

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