Adidas Football Boots – Nitrocharge 3.0

Adidas Nitrocharge 3.0

Whilst the Adidas F50 gets great recognition, their Nitrocharge 3.0 is available at a cheaper price…yes a cheap Adidas football boot!

Ok…SO How Much Does This Boot Really Cost…?

You will be surprised when you hear that the recommended sale price is £49.99…..
and at Lovell Soccer it is available for just £29.99…!!


This boot is at the easily affordable end of the scale, and gives great performance too.

Cheap Boot…Is It Cheaply Made Then….?

Adidas Nitrocharge 3.0 Toes How DARE you…!! LOL

As you would expect with Adidas, this boot is made with their brand name so you  can be assured of quality.
This boot does take its inspiration from the Nitrocharge 1.0, and is at a great price,  however Adidas will not put out a boot which is inferior and damage their  name…that would be bad business!

Instead they have offered a luxury boot at a very attractive, reasonable price whilst not compromising on the performance of the boot or the quality finish you expect from Adidas – one of the leading brand names in sport.

Sounds Good…So Give Me The Breakdown Of The Boot Please

Adidas Nitrocharge 3.0 Upper Ok…

What you get here is a soft synthetic upper which provides a very comfortable fit,  and the laces naturally contour the shape of your foot.
There are protection pads which go accross the toes giving you a confident playing  ability, knowing your footwear will not hinder your game.

The pattern of triangular studs on the sole plate offer stability and power alike in  equal measures.
The studs, or cleats, positioned on the forefoot of the plate are actually slightly shorter, but have more in number to generate consistent power.

The pairings of studs on the heel are slightly longer to provide extra stability…and to stop those embarrassing slips (Mr Steven Gerrard…are you listening!)

The colouring of the boot is highly attractive and pleasing to the eye with the two tone blue effect – Solar Blue merging into Amazon Blue shading.

Adidas Nitrocharge 3.0 Heel And …of course, the traditional 3 stripe effect on each boot is instantly  recognisable, as is the red Adidas logo on the tongue and down the heel.

The boot weighs in at 266 grammes, for an average size 8.5 in UK sizes.

You can view ALL THE ADDIDAS range at Lovell Soccer by CLICKING HERE

Is The Boot For Everyone?

Absolutely YES!!

Adidas Nitrocharge 3.0 Sole This is a fantastic boot at an even better price.

Now, let me set you a challenge….
….Just take a look at these pictures and tell me you do not like the look of this boot.

Excellent value…designed by a master maker, to enhance YOUR playing comfort  and ability.

Still want a pair……?

It has got great looks, design brilliance, comfort, affordability..etc…etc…etc….!


Thanks for reading, and if you have a comment please leave below…its always great to hear from you…!

All the best



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