Adidas Soccer Shoes – 11Pro…Cheap Football Boots…?!?

Adidas 11Pro

Adidas 11Pro – Cheap football boots royalty…!?!

If you have watched Sky Sports Football recently, you will have seen the brilliance of Messi, Pogba and a whole load of world class football greats.

The Adidas 11Pro Soft Ground Football Boot is styled with a sleek appearance which offers comfort with a real leather experience giving you the perfect touch.

With this boot available via Kitbag at approx £120, this could be seen as too expensive. However, this boot is built for the player, and built to last!

Adidas 11Pro

The forefoot skeleton gives greater stability with a perfect fit in the forefoot area, and is designed to “hug” the foot to give extra feeling when touching the ball whether training or playing.

The outsole have smaller studs giving excellent ground penetration, but still giving maximum grip available to prevent slipping. This also gives greater acceleration and the comfortable frame distributes the pressure evenly on the sole of the foot.

Achilles Heel…?

Players have often complained that the area of the heel is often overlooked, but the Adidas 11Pro gives extra support in the heel area and gives the heel more stability with a much better fit.

The material used in thus boot is K-leather, and this flexible, thinner leather provides an extremely comfortable “slipper” fitting giving the feel of a perfect touch when the player passes, dribbles, shoots and caresses the ball.

Best surface to use on please….?

These boots as best suited for soft natural grass surfaces, and wet surfaces will be fine. Softer pitches sometimes have the extra slippy feeling, but with the boots design, the chances of slipping are greatly reduced, resulting in much better grip on pitches that have been affected by rain and wind. So playing in wetter times of the year will give you more benefit when playing in a boot such as the Adidas 11Pro, but using these in slightly drier conditions will be equally brilliant.

This boot has all the trademarks of the Adidas brilliance in designing a speciality boot for those who want comfort, flexibility and agility but not losing the longevity if the boot itself.

Adidas 11pro

Some of the best players in the world use Adidas, and it is with good reason they have been one of the most trusted and bought sports shoe manufacturers with high reliability at a price to suit.

Not everyone will want to spend around £120 on a pair of boots, but if you spent this on a pair of boots which last, is that not worth the outlay?

I say these boots are, but don’t just take my opinion….see for yourself…order and purchase one of the best boots out there right now.

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