Ally McCoist – Resigns from Rangers FC

Ally McCoist

Ally McCoist, Rangers Football Club’s highest scorer, has resigned from his position at the club.

This will send shock waves through Rangers fan base as Ally is easily the most highly regarded person held by most, if not all, of their fanbase.

The club have confirmed that Ally has entered into a 12-month notice period.
It is unclear as to whether he will remain at the club during the notice period or be replaced sooner rather than later, and an announcement to the stock exchange means it does appear to be over for one of Scottish footballs great romances.
The only definite confirmation is that his salary will increase to £750,000 per year as a result of a clause within the period – how this will go down with fans is yet to be evident.

The club are keen to seek an amicable solution to solve the issue to meet Ally McCoist’s and club’s best interests.

When questioned on his future Ally refused to be drawn into any sort of speculation, and insists he will deal with the hard facts and once these have been discussed with the club, then he will be able to make any sort of comment

However, when asked if he would be the manager next season prior to his last game against Queen of The South on Friday, he replied “Absolutely. I am the Rangers manager and that will hopefully be the case for the foreseeable future”

If Ally does quit the club, it could cost the them up to £1.4million in severance payments, although this has been denied by the club themselves.
Hardly surprising they do not want to fork out due to the fact they had a reported loss of £8.3million, and need to raise a similar amount before the end of the year in order to stay afloat – of which is a major concerned to all associated with the club.

Ally McCoist has been in charge at the club since 2011, and has experienced the financial meltdown side-by-side with them and had set his heart on Rangers completing their rise in successive seasons back to the top flight – which they are in a great position to do, but have to catch Hearts in the Championship first.

Whatever the reasons are behind the decision to leave Ally McCoist is a folk hero and worshipped by the passionate fans, and this will be  a very sad day if this turns out to be true….

….and the only question remains is “Who will replace such an icon at the club?”

Time will tell……

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