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Comfortable Football Sports Gear – Football boots / Soccer shoes

Football is an ever increasing popular sport, especially after the World Cup in Brazil.

With usual nations such as England, Europe and South America remaining the most popular areas for men,women and children of all ages to get involved with football, it is clear the popularity is getting much wider.
As a result more and more football boot manufacturers are widening their product lines to get more coverage in order to appeal to a wider audience – let’s face it, who thought Costa Rica would get to Quarter Finals, so the impact world wide is definitely growing.

The choices from Adidas,Nike and Puma to mention just a few, can be vast so I wanted to give a guide as to what to look for when looking at materials of the sole and uppers of football boots

Buying Comfortable Football Boots – Considerations

The key selections for comfort should include the following:

  • How the foot fits in the football boot
  • What technology has the manufacturer used
  • What to do to look after the boots and prolong their life
  • Look at selection choices across the various brands
  • Comfort when playing

What stands out from the above list is the comfort factor and to ensure the boot fits properly. Look at the length of the boot, the width of the shoe as this can vary from brand to brand, and likewise model to model.

The boot should fit snug enough to feature some movement, but not loose enough for foot to slip in the boot when playing or training.

Choosing a high quality material such as natural leather will slightly stretch so it is essential that leather boots fit as snug as possible especially at the heel and the toe sections, as this will promote the boot to feel like a “slipper” and seem natural to wear.
Also this will help in protecting the foot, give extra grip and stability and give the user greater manoeuverability.

Lets Break these down…..

Modern Technology

If you look at boots from a few years ago and compare them with today, you will probably notice a shift in engineering technology which has increased the level of comfort,protection and support to the foot and ankle.
This new technology offers new protection for leather from water, which eases the discomfort of wet boots, and also the weight will be reduced due to the leather not holding water significantly as before.
Within the boot there is now increased pads of cushioning which gives greater responsive performance, stability and is light to wear giving extra protection from any stud or cleat pressure from the sole.

Key Choices for Comfort

With so many choices available it is easy to get bogged down with deciding what design, material to buy, or likewise what technology to take note of.

For me the decision process would involve the following areas:

  1. The sole compared to playing surface
  2. The upper of the boot itself
  3. What position you play and what style of play you are suited to

Top of the list is the sole which contains the studs, or cleats, and this is chosen as to what surface you are playing on regularly.
Traditional material used metal, for soft ground, and can also be made from rubber and plastic, for softer ground, but these can be changeable studs to give flexibility in order to keep boots for all surfaces.
If you have moulded boots, then these are a fixed stud, and it would be advisable to have a couple of pairs of boots for different surfaces you are likely to play on

Second is the upper part of the boot itself and is the part which makes most contact with the ball, and can be made from natural or synthetic materials. These are treated with a coating which helps provide protection from wet weather and keeping the boot light to wear. Being lighter this will assist in speed, ball control and balance as well as protection via the cushioning during tackles.
When striking the ball, the friction is also increased and as a result it is easier to put curve or spin on the ball.

Third is what position do you usually play, and what style are you comfortable with.
I mention more about playing positions on the home page and the link is as follows: (How to Choose a Football Boot)

Love to hear about any tips to pass on so please feel free to leave comments.

Thanks for reading…all the best


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