Football boot colours!

The carnival atmosphere in Brazil ended as far as their World Cup semi final thrashing went…..but the colour of the tournament lives on in the people who enjoy the game.

Not only has their been an exuberant display of ┬ácolour in the crowd,but also with the football boots worn by most of the players…..some wearing two different coloured boots!

It was hard to see any of the “normal” black boots as the footwear was exceptional……just wish England could have scored a few more goals with these in use!

Here’s to continuing soccer shoes displaying as much colour as the rainbow itself and see what is due out……check out the release calendar which will be installed shortly…..some great boots on the horizon…….!


  1. I’m not a “sporty” kind of dude, but I must admit I love the colors displayed at sporting events. It adds a festive flavor to it. Maybe they’ll come out with a line of super hero boots for us nerds lol

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