Football Season 2014 Start Date

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Premier League football

With the World cup over and players about to return from their (well earned!?!?) holidays, the new English and Scottish football seasons are now just on the horizon.

The football season dates have now been published, and the official start dates are 9th August for the English Football League,and Scottish leagues.

The English Premier League starts on 16th August with a couple of London derby’s on the first day:

  • West Ham v Tottenham
  • Arsenal v Crystal Palace

Not to be left out, Sunday 17th has a couple of monsters too:

  • Newcastle v Manchester City
  • Liverpool v Southampton

The Liverpool/Saints game sure to be spicy due to Lambert and Llalana jumping ship…… The first game on Saturday will be Manchester United v Swansea City at 12:45 which is live on BT Sport after its original kick off time of 17:00 had been brought forwards. Louis van Gaal sure to want to start,and continue,looking like title contenders after a disappointing campaign last year.

There will be more Premier League News posted here soon, and more fixtures to take note off, and whatever your favourite Premier League team, it is sure to be roller coaster of a ride……..again!!!

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