Football Transfer News – Balotelli Napoli linked?

Well, only a matter of time before Balotelli rumours would surface, and latest appears to be one linking him to Napoli.

Yes, Napoli have dismissed rumours surrounding a potential transfer, but with Balotelli firing blanks at Liverpool so far perhaps Brendan Rogers feels the baggage that follows him around is too much for the club..?

Also with former Anfield boss Rafa Benitez at Napoli, this rumour could be upheld; depending on what Rafa’s links to Liverpool FC remain intact.

Balotelli had a good season as AC Milan, but since a £16million move back to the premiership, things have not tuned out how he would like and scoring just two goals so far is not a great return.
Mix that in with the incident with his Ferrari and an innocent bystander taking a picture of it, which made Balotelli react the only way we know he can, the heat may just be too much.

Nothing but a rumour at the moment, but you just never know……

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