Home Fitness Equipment – How hard can it be?

We have all thought at some point that we want to get fit.
If it is for the beach, self ego or to play sports, there is always one burning question – What home fitness equipment shall I buy…..?

Footballers, and all sportsmen and women need to keep fit, however, going to the gym or training after a hard day at work is sometimes too daunting – “I’ll do it tomorrow” seems to be a favourite phrase…..
….but what if you have your own alternative…Home Fitness Equipment is on the surge and more people are buying into training at home.

If you look at top rated treadmills, the perfect multi gym, cheap gym equipment or search for bargains at an exercise equipment sale, what you buy has to fit in your training schedule.
An example would be that if you want to bulk up, you would not buy a top 10 treadmill first off (although these may come into your regime somewhere). No, you would buy a home multi gym or home gym machine.

Home treadmill At PhysioRoom there is a wide selection of home use and commercial equipment including  treadmills, exercise bikes, cross trainers, strength training weights, multi gym…and a lot  more….

This treadmill is the BH Fitness I-F2W Treadmill with I-Concept Technology.

Some of its main features are:
1) Running surface is XXL
2) A 12% variable incline
3) Bluetooth and Android compatible
4) Speed: 1-19 km/h / 0.6-11.8 mp
5) Powerful built-in fan
6) Foldable for easy storage
7) T1 monitor compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
8) Pulse: on the handlebar / telemetric / Bluetooth chest belt
9) ECO mode function for power saving
10) Dimensions: L x W x H: 180 x 98 x 141cm / 70.8″ x 38.5″ x 55.5″
11) Dimensions folded: L x W x H: 120 x 98 x 158cm / 47.2″ x 38.5″ x 62.2″
12) Weight: 102kg / 524.7lbs

The price is £799, but CLICK HERE for a 4% discount and free delivery on orders over £100 – Contact Customer Service via the website for more information

There will be more products being highlighted soon



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