How to choose a football boot

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How do you choose a football boot – with so much choice,where does your search start……?

If you had the same problem as most players, it would probably be any of the following:

  1. What looks good?
  2. What would be comfortable?
  3. Does it matter what position i play in?
  4. What surface will i be playing on?
  5. How much will it cost?


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There will be quite a few more…but i’m sure you get the hang of what is involved?
I wanted to go through the Mens, Womens, Girls and Boys boots, shoes, and accessories, and the factors to consider when choosing really apply to all ages.

If i can take a minute to break these down.

1. What looks good?

Great looking soccer boots

We all understand the desire to look at the players which are playing in any of the teams seen on the TV, and liked what they were wearing….and yes…i want a pair of them! Even though it may look good on someone else, the boot you like may not be suited to your foot shape, or your position on the field. Don’t be dazzled by the top players wearing the top brands that cost the earth, go for a boot that will suit you. Don’t forget…the boot will not make you a better player, and you may be swayed into buying a pair which does not suit you.


2. What can you afford?

Money to spend on Football boots?

It is essential that you buy a pair of boots which are comfortable, and fit to your foot in the best possible way and if that means buying a pair that is more expensive, i would recommend that you do exactly what your budget will allow.
Your feet are essential if you are playing football, so why obtain a pair that is ill fitting, which could result in injury or, at best, really uncomfortable, as you will probably have a lot of wear and tear when playing and training.
Within all price ranges there will be a wide selection of good boots, and you do not have to buy an expensive pair to suit you and your feet.
It is wise to spend time researching the price groups and find a pair which suits your budget and requirements, which offers good value for money.

3. Where to buy – Shop or Online?

Shop online for football boots

DO NOT be afraid to buy online, where good savings can be made.
If you do prefer to buy from the high street stores, why not pick out a pair of boots you like and then see how much you can save by buying the same pair via online shopping as opposed to the mark up price from the high street?
We all like to visually see before we buy and there may be some hesitation by going online, so trying this strategy will counteract any of the doubts if buying like for like. This will make you gain confidence for future purchases as well, and it may be a good idea to start with Amazon or Ebay as an example.
If the brand or model of boot is not in stock at the shops, ask the assistant to recommend a similar product from the brand you prefer, and it should fit the same.
Then you can narrow your search down and you can then go online and search for the same product.

4. What size are you?

Please look at the Football Boot Size Guide here

What size soccer shoe do you need?

As an adult, buy boots that fit correctly right from the start, which are not too tight but remain snug, as the boot will stretch more than you would be used to with normal shoes.
For children and teen players, suggestion is to buy a boot which is slightly too big, but ensuring foot has stability when wearing, as long as they will grow into them quite quickly.
The reason for not buying a football boot which is too tight, is the danger if getting blisters which can severely affect your playing style and ability. Also this could lead to injuries if the foot is not able to move freely within the boot.
Boots that are made from leather uppers will generally stretch more than those made from a synthetic material, particularly when they get wet…and in the UK that is going to happen!
You will find the vast majority of boots will be made from a mixture of leather and synthetic materials in an attempt to reduce the stretching happening to any extremes.
If you do prefer 100% leather uppers then it would be wise to consider purchasing boots a half size smaller to compensate, but this is completely down to the players preference.


5. Where on the pitch do you play?

Football player positions

Where you play makes a difference to what boot you will probably determine what type of boot or shoe you will need to purchase.
For example faster players, such as wingers, will require a more lighter boot and a player such as a central defender will require a more robust boot to offer more protection.

The tables further down will give suggestions for certain positions.

6. What Surface do you play on?

Football or Soccer pitch
What type of pitch surface do you play on

With a wide choice of boots comes a wide array of surfaces to play on. Depending on what surface you play on determines what footwear to use. Choosing the wrong type of boot or shoe can end up being very painful and can result in injury and/or severe blisters. It can also a severely cut down your playing ability, so listed below are recommended footwear styles to use on a particular surface: 

Position Played Recommended type of Football boot / shoe
Goalkeepers and Defenders Suggest a robust, strong boot providing good stability.This should reduce any risk of injury during tackling opponents or any collisions that may occur. A good, firm grip to help minimise slipping would also be a good idea
Midfielders and Wingbacks/Fullbacks Depending on what the surface is, the boot should reflect and suit whatever conditions are at the time. As these positions tend to require more accuracy when pasing, crossing and shooting at goal, a flexible sturdy boot is recommended. As these players cover a lot of ground during a match, comfort is essential.
Wingers and Forwards For faster players, a light, soft leather boot is ideal with blades, cleats or studs. This style will help with the acceleration and speed required, and give greater accuracy as the player will be able to “feel” the ball.
Strikers Needing speed and accuracy, a light, comfortable boot similar to the wingers would be ideal. This will help for rapid acceleration and shooting accuracy



Type of Pitch Surface


Recommended style of Boot/Shoe/Sole


Reasons to choose style

Soft Ground Removable studs/cleats Most of the boots in the UK have six studs screwed into the sole of the boot.With soft ground, the choice to change to a longer stud, or cleat in the USA, can be crucial in order to keep your footing. For example, long studs can grip better in soggy or muddy conditions.Longer studs are not suitable on dry or firm ground, nor on Astroturf or on indoor pitches.This will lead to risk of injuries if used incorrectly as hard surfaced will not let the cleat sink into the ground, making footing very unsteady for the player.Also this can lead to impact injuries on the knees and feet areas, as well as blisters likely to occur.this syle of boot will appear heavier than for example, moulded or trainer shoes due to the metal needed to case the screwed studs


Firm Ground Moulded studs/cleats  Moulded studs are actually fixed to the sole of the shoe, and not removable as with the soft ground boots.These are ideal for playing on firmer ground, such as in the summer, or icy ground in winter.These are rubber soled boots and have around 12 studs, or blades, and will be shorter than removable studs.Being lighter as well they will give more comfort  and much better balance as the body weight will be distributed evenly over the whole foot, which will reduce risk of injury.As well as firmer ground, the moulded stud will be usable on pitches with light mud, but this will increase chances of slipping.Some sports centres allow these on their indoor pitches, but check before you play.Generally, football players which do not play every week use moulded boots for their main use, rather than buy sets suited for different weather or playing conditions


Very Hard Ground or Astroturf Astroturf Trainers/Small moulded studs For greater grip these trainers, or astroboots, are designed for playing on hard surfaces or artificial grass, or Astroturf as it is widely knownThe trainers have no studs, but have dimples scattered around the sole for greater balance and traction.You can also get trainiers with dedicated Astro soles, and these can be slightly heavier than standard dimples.Very comfortable shoe.


Indoor Trainers (non marking soles)  Boots designed for purely indoor use are very similar to Astroboots, however they do usually have a sole with a lower profile, and are designed not to leave marks on the indoor surfaces.The uppers will be very light, often with suede as a choice of material, and are ideal for indoor football.These non marking shoes are the preference of nearly all indoor sports centres asn the Astroboot, or Astrotrainer, tend to mark surfaces quite quickly.Again these are a very comfortable shoe.


7.ConclusionI hope that the above will give you an idea of what to look for and start your search with confidence, and suit the playing surface you will be playing on Amazon offer the widest variety at great prices, and regularly have offers, deals and discounts available, so please feel free to click on the links above which will take you to the relevant pages quickly, but i do advise you search for your particular choice from the options within the page itself.Sincerely wish you all the best, and thanks for taking the time to go through and read the information above, and sincerely wish you all the best.

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