How to clean your football boots

Apart from the football itself, a players football boot is the most important piece of equipment.

To have clean football boots will not only prolong the boots life, but also give you better feel for  the football.

Cleaning football boots is easy, and probably only take about 30 mins from start to finish, so if  you need a little help, whether you have Nike football boots, Adidas football boots or just  wondering how to clean, the I hope this helps you along.

1. When the game finishes loosen laces to make it easier to remove your boots. NEVER kick off at the heel as this may cause sole to become detached from the upper.

2. Kicking your boots together will help remove loose dirt, amusing a stiff brush, brush remainder off. Do NOT use a wire brush as this will scratch and damage the upper and sole, so always look for bristles made from natural material.

RECOMMENDED: Tyger Paw – This is a soft brush pad to remove dirt and priced at £10.49

3. Use a damp cloth to wipe the boots to remove smaller particles of dirt. Do NOT use a cleaning agent as the chemicals will harm your boot.

4. Wet conditions produce sticky mud so use a toothbrush to remove trapped mud in grooves and around studs and cleats.

5. To keep the boot shape stuff interior with newspaper right up to the toe section. This will help to extract any moisture if boots are very wet, replace daily with fresh newspaper.

6. Always let boots dry in natural heat and NEVER put in front of a heater, fire or any other heat source

NOTE: Using artificial heat when drying the boots can cause irreparable damage as the adhesives can deteriorate, and become very stiff which may lead to cracking. Stiff boots will also be more likely to tear and rip if weakened. If the adhesives deteriorate this can make the joints weak, particularly where the upper meets the sole, and this can easily become separated. Another downside of heat drying is that the sole plate of the boot may become warped and out of shape, leading to the boot being uncomfortable or damaged beyond repair.

7. A great tip once the boots are dry is to apply Vaseline to the studs and cleats. This will also help prevent rusting if you have screw in studs as well as reducing chances of soil and mud sticking to the stud itself.

8. It is recommended to use polish if you have leather uppers as this will provide protection and help retain the boot colour. And it also looks great!

9. Ideally, let the polish dry for a period of 24 hours. Then a coating of either Dubbin, or natural leather oil can be applied to help keep the boot waterproof and supple.

NOTE: If you have synthetic boots do not use Dubbin or oils as a coating

10. It is recommended that you remove studs and apply a coating of lubricant to the thread of the stud to help reduce risk of rusting as this will stop moisture getting in. When you tighten up the stud be careful not to over tighten as this is likely to cause damage to the thread. On the flip side too much lubricant will prevent the stud from tightening up properly

If anyone has any tips on how to clean football boots, or any advice, please leave a comment in the boxes below.

Thanks for reading and hope this has been useful…..


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