Kids Football Boots – How to buy youth football cleats

Kids Football Boots – How To Buy youth football cleats

When buying kids football boots you need to be sure you buy the right sort to suit your child.

The question on most parent’s lips should be what would fit my child best? What is the most comfortable? What sort would not injure his or her foot?…The list is endless.

When looking for children football boots, what is best and what should be considered.

Listed below are a few pointers.

As a general rule, for junior football the right boot depends on the following factors:

  1. What surface is your child playing on
  2. What position do they play
  3. What is their style of play
  4. How much do you want to spend

Football boot selectionThere are many varieties of kids football shoes to match the needs of your child.

For example, lightweight boots are designed for speed, acceleration and control and these would  ideally suit forwards, wingers and goal poachers. Leading brands such as Nike, Puma and Adidias  have lightweight boots designed for professional players as well as amateurs and children.

However if your child is a defender then a more robust boot is desired which include extra  protective padding, and an example would be Umbro, who, like the leading brands above,  provide a good hard wearing product.

Playing in midfield means that you are playing with a great deal of mileage coverage of the pitch and will have a more versatile style of play, and the boot should reflect this.

Any midfielder should have a boot giving enhanced feeling and control providing greater accuracy when passing, crossing or shooting the ball.

With all these considerations you may like to opt for a pre owned boot, if new boots are too expensive. This is a great way of saving money when a child is growing and boots need to be replaced more frequently to match the size of their foot

Leather boots are a very good choice and they provide good waterproofing, and can be softer than synthetic made uppers…however they also can be more expensive. So, a pre-owned pair will cut cost, but also give suitable support whilst a child grows.

When buying a pair of youth football cleats, please bear in mind to consider the accommodation of the football sock, which is thicker than a regular sock. It is recommended to take a football sock with you when trying on any boot to ensure you pick the correct size.

Please take a look at the Football Boot Size Guide to help choosing the correct size.

We all know children have their own idol when it comes to professional players.

These can be Gareth Bale, Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, or from lower leagues…it does matter that you realise the boot these players wear may not be suitable for a junior football boot, as these may not fit the foot correctly, may not suit their style of play or just be too expensive.

Therefore comfort and the right fit MUST come first – and everything else second.

Football playing surfaceDepending on playing surfaces, there are three main types:

Moulded studs – These tend to be suited to firm or dry pitches. Many users say these provide  greater support for the foot which reduces the chance of blisters.

 Blades – Ideally suited for medium to hard surfaces, and some boots have the option of changing  blades to suit the slight difference in softness / hardness of the ground.

 Screw in studs – These are the most commonly used style any you can change all the studs, or  cleats, to match the type of surface – long studs for soft ground, and short cleats for harder ground.  These can be either plastic, rubber or metal and have screw head fixings. Sometimes these are referred to as “conical” fixings to separate from the blade variety.

Changeable studs have the advantage of being replaced when they are worn, without the need to buy new boots. By keeping your boots clean you can prolong their life expectancy, which will save you money.

Always check the boots changeable studs are screwed in to match the manufacturer’s specifications, and tightened enough to enable you to play – but not over tightened!

There are a couple of key considerations with changeable studs:

  1. Your safety and that of others – Worn studs can be dangerous and have sharp edges. These MUST be replaced immediately to prevent slipping yourself, or to cut opposing players when tackling, for example.
  2. Stud Length – If these are the incorrect length for the type of surface (i.e. – Soft, Medium or Hard), they will be uncomfortable. You may experience the boot will not sink into the harder ground, or you sink too much if softer ground, which may result in injury.

How much should I pay?

Cost This depends on you entirely, and in general you do get what you pay for.

You know you will get the right fit if you buy a branded name, such as Nike or Adidas…however there  are some very good budget boots as well, so trying before buying may be key for you.

If you do find a pair that fits well, and is a good price then check online first to see if you can get a better  deal. Great sites are Amazon, Sports Direct, LovellSoccer and Kitbag.

These have offers and discounts as well so is worth checking out to save money.

Please check the return info on any online retailer to see if there are any fees or requirements if you  need to send back the goods, but most will offer free shipping and very competitive pricing.

With all the information above, really hope it has helped in making any choice and wish you all the best…and happy playing!!


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