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Steven Gerrard

As we all know, New Years Day was the start of yet another merry go round in the transfer of players…and maybe managers in the Football Leagues of the world.

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Talk and gossip surrounding the latest football transfer rumours will be at is height during January, as it is during any transfer football window, but this one will be remembered for one man…Steven Gerrard.

Whilst Liverpool will be losing one of their main strongholds, Steven believes now is the time to move on and the MLS in America will be his likely destination according to the latest football transfer news.

Rumours in the MLS is that LA Galaxy, who of course coaxed David Beckham to join them, are probably the bookies favourite, although there will be many more clubs trying to get his signature at a great price.

Has he made the right choice…?
…I believe yes.

Will Steven had been happy playing a second fiddle role to the starlets now trying to prise the position away from him in Liverpool’s midfield…? NO!
Will Steven be happy being a substitute for the vast majority of his time left at Anfield? NO!
Will Steven develop reduced fitness and less enjoyment by not playing? YES!

Therefore he will embark on a new journey…new challenges…new responsibilities…new lease of life..?!
This move, if confirmed as expected, will give the ex England captain a greater zest for the game, and may well make him play with more freedom and panache….and we will all wish him well on his travels.

So…what about the other teams in the Premiership?
Various rumours spark the tabloids into overdrive, club chairmen cringing at the stories which emerge every transfer window, in the hope their “star” players will not suddenly revolt and become part of the multi million pound explosion of fees we have been used to over the past few years.

Obviously the big hitters will be Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and, if he can be bothered, Arsene Wenger at Arsenal may dabble a bit too….although with his track record he will “wait for the right person” which never seems to come along?!

Danny Ings to Tottenham – This has legs…although Ings has stated that he will see out this season to help his Burnley side stay in the Premiership. However this will mean him leaving on a free as his contract expires…so a bid of around ¬£&million may do the trick.

Wilfred Bony to Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Manchester United, Tottenham…well, you get the jist of this one!
A man in demand will demand a high price – will this be ¬£20million….? Who knows……but whoever gets him, if they get him, will have an exciting forward to bolster their side.

Manchester United have spent a great deal of money but still languish in the shadows of Chelsea and Manchester City.
We all know that David Moyes was not given funds, players he wanted….so how come there is a bottomless pit for van Gaal..?
Just saying……!

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