Liverpool FC News – Not a good day!

Are Liverpool FC a team which is lost without the mercurial talent of Raheem Sterling and Daniel Sturridge?

Any Liverpool FC news which surrounds a loss is not going to be good reading – particularly when playing at home and after a great result at Tottenham Hotspur last weekend – take a look at the Liverpool FC official website when you have a mo.

There was no doubt in the Spurs game that Liverpool were out and out clearly the better side and with a great array of attacking options left Spurs in their wake with neat, concise, direct and pleasurable attacking football.

However….this weekend saw a demise in that threat with both key forward men missing…Is this a sign of things to come?
Mario Balotelli was noticeably lacking in service, and although he tried, there was no way through a dogged Aston Villa defence , and this will not make good viewing on the Liverpool FC tv channel.

Any side wanting to win the Premier League need to make home advantage count by taking all three points on their own turf.

People will look at the latest Liverpool FC latest transfer news and lovingly admit they made some great purchases – and these will need time to gel together, and i’m sure Brendan Rogers will succeed in what he hopes will be a challenging but rewarding season.

I mentioned tough – and it will be…
With the chance of challenging for the Premier League,League cup, FA Cup and Champions League Brendan surely knows his squad needs to be kept fit to keep the depth needed to challenge on all fronts.
The Uefa Champions League Draw is always attractive and lots of money can be made…more if you get out of the Champions League Groups stage…and a whole lot more if you become Champions League Winners – which Liverpool have a great chance.

Time will tell where Liverpool will end up in the Uefa Champions League standings, and wish them all the best


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