Nike Magista Obra – Calum Chambers preference!

Nike Magista obra

We all know Nike have an almost unrivaled reputation for providing quality footwear, and the Nike Magista Obra falls within that category.

Nike Magista Obra side

The Nike Magista Obra FG is a line now associated with Calum Chambers of Arsenal and he has highlighted on Instagram his preference for his new boot:

“Training done. Ready for Saturday and love the new boot” – Calum’s quoted liking is a very strong endorsement of a great boot, from one of the worlds best producers of comfortable football boots.

The Flyknit technology enhances the feel and playability for those who wear them, and with greater feel comes greater response in touch and control as a result.

Together with the addition of NikeSkin, this creates a soft sock-like feel and the skin protects the players feet from both wet and cold so providing an enhanced comfort. Indeed, the top professionals like the “slipper” type feel due to the unconventional design of the boot and its layers.

Th Dynamic Fit Collar extends on, above and over the ankle to give extra comfort and stability so feels like an extension of the lower leg, rather than the boot feeling like an addition to the foot.

The addition of another genius feature is the inclusion of the Brio Cables. These have the effect of a lockdown around the foot to provide additional strength for multi directional movement and support by being directly knitted into the upper and lock the eyelets into the outsole.

Nike Magista Obra Brio Cables

As mentioned the protection of the foot from the elements is essential so the players feel they have comfort and control at all times. This is enhanced by Nike’s All Conditions Control (ACC) feature. This technology is located over the upper and provides greater confidence in all weather conditions so you can take this boot and play in any condition, anytime of the year without concern to diminishing your playing standard.

The boot does come at a cost, but make no mistake, this is a quality range. And if the professional clientele are endorsing the Nike Magista Obra, then Nike are continually getting things right.

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Please leave a comment with your thoughts, and if you have purchased this boot, what you think to the quality, design and overall rating you give.

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