Nike Mercurial Superfly – No 1 Boot seller this year?

The Nike Mercurial Superfly has been marketed to perfection by Nike, and has been credited with scoring the winner at the World Cup Final from a certain Mario Goetze, not to mention Cristanio Ronaldo known to warm its soles.

Nike Mercurial Superfly toeYes this is a high priced boot with retail price at approx £230, but Nike have really gone to town with the technology surrounding the boot itself, giving yet more excellence to the Nike Mercurial range.

You will find a lot less material between the foot and the ball itself and this will give much more “feel” with every touch.

Available at Lovell Soccer, enter “Nike Mercurial” in the search field to access this boot

The Nike Superfly has even been compared to a barefoot feel as it gives such a sensitive experience due to the boots micro-textured Flyknit upper, which in turn does not compromise the durability or strength of the boot itself.

Nike Mercurial Superfly eyelets Having a one piece upper, the Flywire cables are knitted directly into it by locking into the  eyelet of the outsole giving greater strength similar to that of a suspension bridge.

The self named NikeSkin on top of the Flyknit upper prevents water seeping in without the  need of extra layers which would have greatly reduced the feel of the touch of the ball. The  Nike technology means that the grip on the ball remains constant in wet and dry conditions.

The comfort has also been enhanced by the Dynamic Fit Collar meaning greater sensation of  feeling between the ground and ball even when playing at full speed

There is a full length carbon fibre plate giving greater traction and grip due to the low centre of gravity which gives greater power transmission to the ground thanks to the flexible dual layer construction.


Nike Mercurial Superfly studsand cleats There is also extra studs, or cleats, added at the heel via the Nike Mercurial Vapor traction  system, giving  increased stability.
The extra studs also appear at the toe area giving greater “toe-off” reaction on firmer ground.

This is truly a great boot that will redesign the way players think a boot should be.

With reconfigured blades and well researched technology, this is truly a boot to satisfy even the greatest players.


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