Sky Sports Football – A Deal For Everyone…!?

Sohandshake, with an astonishing amount of money splashed out, will the new Sky Sports Football deal be welcomed by everyone?

With a joint bid of £5.14billion, Sky and BT Sport have set out their stall to show just how they both think the live Premier League football games are worth.

Make no mistake, this is an obscene amount of money which equates to £10million per game, or £1887 per minute if you get down to micro management!

The main point will be concentrated on how Sky will recoup this amount of spend – and inevitably it will be the armchair viewer.

Breaking into two parts, Sky and BT, you get the following.

Sky will pay £1.4billion per year for three years, and will show 126 live games. This is NEARLY DOUBLE the payment they secured for 116 matches previously.

BT Sport will pay £320million per year to screen 42 matches – a 30% increase at the previous secured rights in which they secured 38 games.

Sky’s commitment is staggering. However the fact they lost the rights to screen Champions League games from next season, and the Aviva Premiership rugby last year, meant they were never going to go short on this auction.

Yes Sky had secured the Open Golf but which is the big money spinner…… Yes – football… Hands down!!

Subscription rise?

So, after taking a breath, what will this mean to the Sky Sports package customer…..think you’ve guessed already…a hike in price is sure to follow. Question is… much?

moneyThe initial knee-jerk reaction is that subscription to Sky for the full packages will hit over £900 per year, which is a major increase, and it remains to be seen if that will be the case…and if so, just how many will be willing to pay that much just to watch football, if the Sky Sports package is increased from current price of approx £35 per month.

With this amount of money being pumped into football, the next sight we may see is the first £500,000 per week wage for the top players. All because we love seeing a bag of air hitting an entwined mesh to increase your teams “points”.

Financial Trouble?

The fear must be that the Premier League teams will be pulling further away from the Championship and below, give further credible fear that the lower league teams will have virtually no chance to rise withing the leagues due to financial restrictions.

This will mean teams will go out of business….fold with debts they are unable to pay…leave fans frustrated and angry that the elite teams are getting all the share of the money.

And not forgetting the grass roots game, at schools, local sides, Sunday teams, that see the riches handed on a plate to players with even bigger egos… it seems so far away that Trevor Francis was the first £1million player. Soon it will be the first £1billion player to make the headlines.

Ticket Price Reduction…?

Next you have the question of ticket prices……will the Chairmen of Premier League teams lower prices of season tickets and match day goers? Mmmmm….

There are so many questions to be answered, not just in the share of the pot, but does this mean football ands its broadcast rights have gone too far?

From the start of next season, I will be very interested to see what is on offer from Sky and the Premier League ticket prices.

I genuinely fear for the beautiful game ands its ever increasing costs.

Your Views Matter!!

What do you think?

What is your view?

Please leave comments as I am very interested in what you think, and your opinions on all above points, and if you have any more, feel free to make them heard.

Thanks for reading…….

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