Sprained Ankle Treatment – What can you do?

Playing sport means using your ankles take a lot of strain, and you will suffer a twisted ankle. So what is a sprained ankle, and what is the best sprained ankle treatment?

What is a sprained ankle?

Being one of the most common injuries to football players, there are many swollen ankle causes, and a sprained, or twisted ankle can be very painful.

Referring to the damaged soft tissue around the ankle, known as ligaments, which is usually made when the ankle is twisted inwards.

Damage can also ocurr to the ankle joint surround leading to bleeding in the soft tissue, which then leads to painful swollen ankles

How can you prevent a sprained ankle?

In all honesty you probably can only reduce the liklihood of getting a sprained ankle by wearing ankle braces and taping the ankle to try any reduce excessive twisting.

Ankle instability can play a big part in getting a sprained ankle, but using a balance board is designed to educate balance and proprioception. Research has shown that people using a wobble board received significantly lower sprains than people who did not use the board.

And…what is a sprained ankle healing time?

A sprained ankle recovery time is due to the severity of the twist, and means being out of action from a few days to a couple of weeks.

The first few days are crucial not to make the injury worse, as this will increase time on the sideline.

Using the PRICE method is highly recommended:






One of the most effective methods is to use Cold Compression Cuffs which provides ice therapy. It provides cold compression therapy to minimise swelling and pain,  and is one of the best swollen ankles treatment available.

Of course you can apply ice yourself, but never on bare skin. An ice bag is recommended to keep the risk of ice burns away, and these can be bought from as little as £8.00 from Physio Supplies

Like any injury, seek professional advice to determine severity and scope of injury.

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