Steven Gerrard retiring

Steven Gerrard

Heard the news that we probably had been expecting…but still had to hear again to be sure…….

One of England footballing greats has decided to hang up his boots and move on to life without international football.
Of course we are talking about Steven Gerrard.

Liverpool stalwart…England hero (on so many occasions!)…great footballer…respected throughout…and a really nice guy!

Steven Gerrard
Steven Gerrard playing for England

I am sure all of the England faithful, whether you are dressed in red or not, wish Steven all the best  for a “semi” retired football post.
Out of this will come an increased vigour playing for Liverpool, of which I am sure he will have  great energy, and may be coming up to playing his best football yet, with only the domestic  campaign to worry about….and yes you can forget about that Steven Gerrard slip as even the best get it wrong sometimes!!

His influence over so many years has been, and will continue to be invaluable to all that played with him, and the encouragement he gave to the younger players in Brazil will keep with them.
Ok…I know England failed in their goals for the tournament, and some players were no-where near their best, but this is a young team with plenty to look forwards too….and will Steven still play a big part?…You bet he will!

He will now become an Ambassador and the hall of fame beckons to rub shoulders with the greats….Hurst…Peters…Moore…Robson…Butcher…Adams…Greaves…Lineker…Gascoigne…Heskey(…oh come on, give him a break!?!)

With only David Beckham and Peter Shilton beating him in the Cap race, being third is quite an achievement with 114 caps to his name, 21 goals and capped 39 as Captain of the Three Lions, he wore his heart on his sleeve in every game.

Also he scored in 18 games and won 14, drew 4 with no defeats…..and played at 6 major tournaments

Oh…and had to mention his first ever international goal was against Germany in the greatest of all wins…..5-1 in September 2001.

His choice was a hard one…and a brave one.

It is time to move forwards with the youngsters, give them the freedom they want…and lets play them in their preferred positions!!

Here’s to Steven…warrior in the highest sense of the word, and I’m sure we wish him all the best!!


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