Warrior Screamer S-lite Football Boots – The perfect boot?

Product: Warrior Pro S-Lite

Price: £124.99

Best buy: Amazon


The Warrior Skreamer S-Lite Football boot has been widely regarded as one of the most comfortable football boots to be produced.

Vincent Kompany has chosen to wear these boots for Manchester City…so lets find out why.

Yes, the boot is a relatively high price, but the quality is excellent and is a good investment.

Warrior designs have a really special look and feel to them and this boot is designed for players that want precision and power in the way that they play. This boot is designed to give extra boots to power whilst maintaining accuracy of a hard driven shot or pass.

Warrior have used material to provide better transfer of power from boot to ball via a rebound system targeted for this purpose.
The natural feel of the ball remains very high due to the flexibility of the materials at concentrated points on the boot.

Cushion Points
Cushion Points

The boot has a synthetic upper and provides a good narrow fit, however there is not much room for error in sizing as the stretch remains limited. Therefore sizing choice has to be spot on first time.

The stability of the boot is excellent as well due to the cage around the mid foot area, of which the Thorax skeleton provides good protection via shielding for the foot

As surface traction is very important, the Warrior possesses Claw Tec Blades at a specific angle to gain as much grip and comfort available when playing, which can also provide better forefoot grip to enhance take off for extra height.

Warrior Skreamer Angled Stud
Angled Studs

The fit of the boot is second to none and reduces risk of rubbing…so no blisters, which will be a welcome addition for a new boot!
This is down to the Deeplace configoration of the boot coupled with the Warrior SkreamFree internal system in a bid to eliminate any discomfort.

Official launch date was due in August, so would be interested to hear if anyone has already bought, so if you have any comments please place in box below

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