Watch Vampire Diaries – Or Scotland vs England…?

Scotland vs England

Now here is a choice that may be at the heart of every relationship tonight….
… watch Vampire Diaries, or watch the Scotland vs England friendly.

First off, if you have two televisions then it is problem solved…if not there could well be a few arguments within certain households…and we all know who wins eh fellas!…Ok, i’ll watch the highlights later…!

Second question will be who do you think will win the game?
We all know that this is a “friendly” and will be played in a very competitive spirit, and it will have extra spice to the Scottish contingent being played in Glasgow, and particularly coming off the back end of the independence vote.
And i hear that 2000 tickets have been returned by the Scots as England fans have not taken all 7000 of their allocation…no, surely not…!?

So I am VERY interested in peoples thoughts as to who will come out on top on this one.
It is so set up for a great battle of pride, perhaps with more meaning than before.

We all want to see a great game, but will it be England’s players who will be thinking it is a game too far with thoughts being concentrated on the Premier League so not to get injured. Sure there will be several…in fact all…Premiership managers hooked to the TV tonight all saying a prayer that their players come home ok and unscathed.

With Scotland being in the ascendency at the moment, and England players (possibly!) thinking of holding back to save themselves, this could easily be Scotland’s day.

SO come on…tell me what you all think!!

Please leave comments with your views…..

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