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FieldWiz Tracking System

With all the miles a football player covers, how easy is it to tell how far they have actually run..?…Average speeds..?..What part of the pitch have they covered most..?

We have wearable technology in the form of watches, wristbands and garments, but how about sensors on actual players when playing football, rugby,hockey…or any sport?
Well this may be a revolution in the way we analyse games.

FieldWiz, a firm from Switzerland have created and launched a great sensor to capture strategic and performance metrics using a combination of hardware, GPS technology and dedicated software via Indiegogo.

The device clips to the player via a specialised vest that is comfortable to players to wear in training or in matches. The device captures a range of crucial data to get accurate readings of a players performance.These include:

  • Distance ran
  • Average Speeds
  • Maximum speeds
  • Number of sprints
  • Heatmap showing what zones of a pitch has been covered

The company hope to add extra readings such as Heart Rate, Ball Possession and Completed Passing rate to is ranks for a much more in depth analysis

FieldWiz Vest



Having a 10 hour life battery there is plenty of time to record the data, and weighing only 45grams and only 65mm x 65mm x 10mm in size, it has no impact on the players comfort, playing style, training or match performance.

Also the weather does not affect the performance or life of the sensor as it has been tested in heat, rain, wind and storms, thanks to a poor summer in Switzerland on over 100 players.

Although there are similar products available, notably with Adidas football boots when selling certain models, FieldWiz appears to be more complex and has, and with more coming, excellent and wide array of features

The data collected, which is stored in the sensor memory, is then downloaded via a synchronised online account that can be accessed through an Android or iOS device, and this gives instant analysis enabling quick assessment of performance.

FieldWiz Sensor



This will help coaches and teams to analyse physical and player performance and with such easy access it is available to almost everyone in sport from Professionals in Premier League to amateurs in local leagues and junior teams.

The complete system has been tested by Swiss professional coach Mathieu Degrange and he confirms it enables teams to evaluate the competencies and performance of a single player as it follows them in a full game scenario giving very solid, clear and reliable readings

When the data is saved, it can be used to compare readings between games, players and even positions which gives the coach, at whatever level, a powerful analysis tool to help develop strategies and formations in order to enhance, optimise and improve team or individual player performance.

Even though the tets have been carried out, the indication is that FieldWiz will put these devices out in April or May 2015, and these could coincide with advance discussions by the International Football Association Board who want to allow tracking devices to be used during matches.

A very timely piece of equipment then…..!



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