Workout Routines Build Muscle – Footballers Also Need Muscle!

Strength training is a very important part of any sport, and as all active sports people know, workout routines build muscle.

Footballers are no different. Yes they may be more lean than weightlifters and power lifters , but the need for strength fitness training is essential.
Not only does it increase general fitness, it also raises the metabolism is a natural way which assists in prevention of injury when playing contact, or non contact sports. This is managed by increasing the muscle strength by creating a larger amount of muscle mass within the body….so any sports require some degree of a muscle building workout plan or programme.

Increasing the muscle mass is not easy and requires exercise against a resistance. The size of the resistance depends on what is comfortable to you, and is measured against the number of repetitions the resistance is pushed by the body.
The effect on that resistance depends on how many repetitions you perform – the higher the resistance and higher repetitions will equate to greater muscle strength and mass being created compared to the lower resistance with lower repetitions made.
We would all like to look great at the drop of a hat, and unfortunately there is no miracle strength training software you can put in your PC and get overnight results…..

There is a variety of training apparatus to enhance muscle mass, power and strength, and here are just a few which may have already come into your head.

Bars and Weight Discs

Bars and individual weight discs are not just for the Olympian, they meet a wide range of sports needs. You can  customise the variation of weights which will allow the user to train comfortably and add weight when needed to  the stand alone bar. This means you can customise a workout to the users needs.

There are also fixed weight bars with a ready loaded mass set already, and these are designed for isolation  exercises such as bicep curls, and these bars are very hard wearing and robust.

Dumbbells and Kettle Balls are a must for incorporating into different strength regimes, and to isolate specific  muscles needed for growth, to increase power and strength.
You would typically use the dumbbells for bicep curls and shoulder raises as an example as this will use the  specific muscle areas identified for enhancement. These can be as cheap as £8.99 for a 1kg pair. 


Kettleballs, available at Physio Room from £9.00, are designed to be used for ballistic movements, of which  the centre of mass is extended beyond the hand. The repetitious swing movements would copy that of  digging and hammer swings.

Multi gyms are the people’s favorite – why? Because they offer all round strength fitness training and can be  done from your spare room at home, or in the garage, shed or conservatory.

Milti Gym

The typical Multi Gym includes a bench press, shoulder press and pull down facilities and come in a great  many shapes and sizes, so to find one to fit your home can easily be found. These suit the fitness beginners or  the professional athlete alike as they are so universal.

Prices can range from a few hundred pounds, right up into the thousands, such as the M5 Multi Gym which is really class.

Some of the higher end strength training equipment can be quite pricey, but well worth the money for what you get.
Plus you have the gym for as long as you want it and does not cost monthly fees like a gym would charge, but you have a great system for the best strength exercises in one place – what can be easier.

There are various other Gym Equipment apparatus and systems, as well as rehab and  fitness aids to assist in gaining more muscle, power and strength.
A good example is Gareth Bale who has gained power, speed and strength by keeping to a great strength training programme.

Have a look at the links within this post and I hope you will find a suitable system for your use.

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